30DWC 2017 Progress - Week 3 Update

In some ways this was my worst week yet, not keeping my morning routine for writing as I had been. At least twice, I ended up squeezing some writing in later in the evening. I think the only thing that saved me, is my 5 minute journalling to keep it top of mind enough. That said, I’ve completed and published another piece from scratch and written and started editing another. My aim for next week is to really knuckle down and finish editing several other pieces I’ve started for both sites. I think I will publish them, even if I’m not completely happy with them.

I have sparked several more ideas in the course of writing this weeks articles and reading Thinking, Fast and Slow has a lot of information I’ve noted for further reflection and thought.

Total words written or edited this week: 2333

Total words for the challenge so far: 7988