Weeknotes #27 - Wet Edition

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23 Jul - 29 Jul 2018


It was another hot week, until the weather finally broke towards the end of the week. I’ve been pushed hard and doubling down on my kettlebell workouts to try and hit my goal. With the heat I’ve been dripping. We had a great training session on Saturday morning, doing sets of cleans with double kettlebells. I’m pleased that I was able to do several with double 28kg bells. The downside was that the combination of sweat and friction ripped open one of the calluses on my left hand near the end of the session. As of this writing it’s still bandaged up and I’m hoping it’s not going to compromise my training plan too much.


After so many busy weekends we decided to just relax this weekend. I got plenty of time to catch up on my reading and do some research into a LEGO MOC I’m planning to build. We also made sure that the rain didn’t stop us, so we went for a walk around the local RSPB reserve on Sunday. We got soaked. And it was great.

Book Club

We had our book club call to discuss Never Split the Difference. It was an interesting and lively discussion, with a range of opinions and thoughts about the topic. We chose our new book for August. When by Daniel Pink. In addition, Marc and I plan to read a “gap” book too. It’s Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

Reading Progress

I started reading When and have already blasted past the first several days of pages in my daily reading. It’s well written and easy to digest. As mentioned above with the extra time I’ve had I’ve also made a start on reading Just F**king Ship and I’m nearly finished with Generation X. I’m a few books behind on my soft goal target of reading 36 books this year, I should be able to reach that if I make sure I continue to carve out about an hour a day to read.

A week in Stoicism

A reminder that we should keep “the news” in check. Don’t let it affect your present choices or disrupt you from your purpose.

Personally I would go as far as saying ignore most news. It serves no purpose if it only disrupts your mind to shock or horrify you briefly, then you continue making your cup of tea. Unless you intend to take action then better to keep your mind clear so you can be more purposeful in the actions you take to help causes more meaningful to you.

”Whenever disturbing news is delivered to you, bear in mind that no news can ever be relevant to your reasoned choice. Can anyone break news to you that your assumptions and desires are wrong? No way! But they can tell you someone died—even so, what is that to you?” Epictetus


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