Weeknotes #6/19

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4 Feb - 10 Feb 2019

A busy week, trying to pull lots of small but important things together. I’m now able to consistently do a single press with a 24kg bell so I finally created a more “official” kettlebell training plan to try to achieve my goal of reaching the 32kg bell.

A rather LEGO weekend; on Saturday we watched the LEGO Movie 2 and then quickly cobbled together a little MOC in time for the build competition the following day at the meet. Sunday, we all went to Milton Keynes to meet fellow AFOLs after spending a bit more than planned in the LEGO store.

Best thing I’ve read

I didn’t have time to read many articles this week so I didn’t read anything of merit. Instead, I’m picking LEGO Movie 2 as the best thing I’ve watched.

Books I’m reading

My book for this months book club finally arrived. A million miles in a thousand years by Donald Miller. This will be an interesting book to read and discuss in our book club since it’s a bit different genre to usual. I’m still reading 7 Habits for families although I’ve read little more this week as I was keen to finish Seveneves.

Seveneves was another excellent book, but the ending was rather sudden and abrupt. Then again, that’s not usually why you read a Neal Stephenson book.

What did I learn this week?

I learned about the Smolov protocol for rapidly increasing squat and bench press, which I’m adapting to do the same in my kettlebell training.

A week in Stoicism

I’ve made more of a habit of reading the Daily Stoic emails this week and I especially enjoyed Friday’s reminder that we are not the problem. Yes, we might have problems, but we are not the problem. We have flaws but we are not flawed. We might do something dumb but that doesn’t mean we are dumb.

We decide what things mean. We decide what is actually an obstacle and what isn’t.

Sickness is an impediment to the body but not to the will unless the will wants to be impeded. Lameness is an impediment to the leg, but not to will. If you tell yourself this every time, you will find the impediment is to something else but not to yourself. Epictetus


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