Titles are the hardest thing to write!

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Well another week has shot by, haven’t really done much this week but suffice to say that I’ve been playing around with more apps again and been trying out various RSS readers to see if I can find one I like. At this stage I’m still not sure, I’m torn between Newsfire and NetNewsWire, what I really want is a mix of the two…

Also, I think I’ve decided to forget del.icio.us for now, I’ve found ma.gnolia.com instead which I think I prefer. It was certainly very easy to get bookmarks into it as opposed to del.icio.us where I have to find some other program to do the import. It’s also much nicer to look at, although sometimes it seems a little sluggish. It also has some nice features that del.icio.us doesn’t have, but it’s early days and I’m fickle so maybe by next week I’ll have found another one :)

My new website at www.elaptics.co.uk is coming along, I’ve got the main template up and running and I’ve decided to use TYPO3 4beta as a bit of an excuse to test it. I’ve had a few problems which I’m still working through, it looks like many extensions are going to need some alterations to work satisfactorily in version 4 at this point though.

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