Weeknotes #35 - Productivity edition

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17 Sep - 23 Sep 2018

Our house renovations are underway so we’re living in a bit of a state of flux, mostly confined to the kitchen and bedrooms. However, this week I have been on fire, productivity-wise. I planned a more realistic week, with time blocks, set better intentions and I’ve steamrollered my way through my tasks, my lists are substantially shorter and I’ve achieved almost everything I set out to. The new OmniFocus 3 for the mac has certainly helped.

On Saturday, we took our Beavers and Cubs for a hike around Middleton lakes. The weather wasn’t great but it was still enjoyable. It wasn’t all that far, although to hear the Beavers moan you would have thought we were walking to the moon and back! I’d already done a heavy kettlebell workout in the morning so after we got home, my legs were nicely spent.

Then finally, on Sunday, we had a multi-generational trip to see Leicester Tigers play. My Dad is a season ticket holder and had a spare seat next to him which I was filling. When my son realised, he also really wanted to come as he’d never been to a rugby match before. Somewhat luckily a seat directly in the row in front was available.

5 week journaling challenge

The focus I set myself this week has been about exploring myself and my attitudes and values and what I want from life. It’s almost on purpose—they say life begins at 40 so it seems like a good idea to know what I want from this life…

Reading Progress

I’m slowly making progress with both books, Secondborn and Notes on a Nervous Planet.

A week in Stoicism

Don’t hate the haters. Kindness trumps hate. Treat everyone with kindness, but especially those who hate you. There’s no reason to hate them back, they’re already suffering enough.

”Kindness is invincible - if it is sincere, not fawning or pretence. What can the most aggressive man do to you if you continue to be kind to him? If, as opportunity arises, you gently admonish him and take your time time to re-educate him at the very moment when he is trying to do you harm?” Marcus Aurelius


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