Priorities and Progress

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I’ve resolved myself to keep a weekly publishing schedule but this week I’ve been using my scheduled morning writing time to prioritise working on and launching an email course at work.

Last night I didn’t think I would reach my target for this week because I had prioritised my other work that needed to get done.

But I realised several things:

  1. Writing the email course took much longer than I’d allowed for on my weekly schedule so I’ve had to let other less important tasks on my list slide but it’s ok not to get everything done as long as you’re making progress on your most important tasks. It would be easy to worry about that but I’m finding that my daily meditation allows me to simply let it go.
  2. Perfection is the enemy. As with everything I wanted my email course to be perfect. I was not going to make my deadline for this week if I didn’t relax my standards and let “good enough” be good enough. It’s better to ship and iterate with feedback later.
  3. Over the course of this week alone, writing something meaningful each day is helpful. The first email took several sessions to write and edit, whilst I was able to completely write and edit three emails across two writing sessions.

As a result I did manage to complete and launch my course yesterday and you can’t beat that feeling of progress towards your big goals.

Oh, and look at that. I did meet my post schedule after all.

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