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Well as promised I said I would say a little more about the various apps I’ve found recently. I should note that I’m a mac user so these are all either mac specific or are web applications - so Windows users, go and get yourself a better computer :)

ecto - Ok, I haven’t done too much with this yet but it’s really easy to use and looks like it has some nice handy features, set up and getting started was no problem whatsoever and I definitely prefer just being able to leave this running and quickly jot a note down in it for adding to later on. The ectoize shortcut/bookmark for the browser’s also seems a handy feature although I haven’t actually used it yet but it’s still early days. Maybe this is another review I should come back to in another couple of weeks but I guess the real proof will be whether I think it’s worth purchasing to continue using after the trial period is over. By the way Windows users, if you’re still reading this, ecto is available for your platform too.

High Priority - I found this app by reading Douglas Bowman’s blog at Stopdesign and I had the same problem, I like to make notes of things to do but I’d never found anything that quite did what I wanted, I thought iCal was it but if I didn’t have it running (more often than not) then I would forget about it and jot things down on paper again. But I think this is IT. It’s well worth the whole $6/£3.50 asking price. The only one feature that I think is missing is having some kind of date picker for setting the due date on a new or edited item.

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