Easier editing of TypoScript

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I’ve recently discovered TextMate from
www.macromates.com - a superb text editor,
previously I’ve been using TextWrangler but I’m slowly using TextMate more and
more, one of it’s really great features is it’s expandability through the use of

In getting to grips with the bundle editor I decided to put together a bundle
for editing TypoScript so that it has syntax highlighting plus I’ve added some
of the more common TypoScript objects as snippets to make it much quicker to put
your typoscript together. I’ve put a link to the TSRef doc online as well as
ensuring the comment toggle puts the right comment symbol in.

Not sure how it measures up as a first attempt but drop me a
if you find it useful or would like to see
some other things added to it, likewise if you add any more features why not
send them to me so I can include them here. If enough people are finding it
useful then we can also consider getting the bundle added to the main repository
at macromates.

I’ve added the following scope selectors to the language grammars which you’ll
almost certainly want to add to your theme to have the syntax highlighted.
(Whether these are the best scopes to use I don’t know but feel free to suggest



The bundle is much updated and now available from the macromates subversion
repository. Thanks to Sudara there is also a theme and a much better language
grammar. You can find it under the Review directory. (Maybe one of these days
I’ll iron out all the kinks and get it into the main section)

Got any questions or comments? Drop me a message on Twitter (@elaptics).