1000 days of meditation

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I hit a milestone today.

1000 day meditation streak

As I wrote previously, so what? Why celebrate or call out this day as opposed to day 999 or day 1001? Aside from we humans liking these temporal landmarks, I briefly debated whether to write and publish this piece. It’s not about showing off, nor am I looking for praise. I meditate for me, but I thought that it would give me a concrete reminder that I can maintain discipline, but it can also serve as that reminder or motivation for others.

What have I learned?

I am more mindful. I’m more able to quiet my mind, most of the time. I still have a long way to go. I naturally remember to be mindful every day, but I’m still not making enough time to be present throughout the day.

Mostly I find 10 minutes, and mostly in the morning. Some days I’ve only taken a few minutes, but I’ve learned that it’s always possible to make some time, no matter what. I like finding quiet and joy in the small of the everyday. Mindfully cooking, mindfully eating, mindfully cleaning.

A reminder

If you’ve read Breaking the Chain you may be curious about why I chose to keep the streak going? It’s a small thing that gives me a little push to maintain discipline. I don’t go out of my way to look at the streak, so I’m rarely aware of the actual number, but I have seen others lose their streak, and their once stable, daily meditation practice falters. One missed day turns into two, and then three. Habits can slip away if discipline is not maintained. In Mastery, George Leonard says that the trick is to walk the fine line between endless, goalless practice and the alluring goals that appear along the way.

I am enjoying the plateau, but I’m ready to go further. I have glimpsed moments I would like to hold onto longer. Perhaps in another 1000 days, I’ll have seen a few more.


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