Weeknotes #7/19

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11 Feb - 17 Feb 2019

I finished my article about getting stuff into OmniFocus. My wife and I also enjoyed a lovely date night at our favourite local curry house, Delhi Divan. Great service and the food was excellent.

Last week, we stopped in at T2 when we were in Milton Keynes, and I picked up some Sencha tea. I’ve previously had some Oolong with berry from there, and I’ve been surprised at what a difference good tea can make. I have been enjoying the Sencha instead of coffee a few mornings this week.

I ended up missing my workout on Thursday because I had a massage booked without thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea to follow it immediately with a workout. I kept my commitment and didn’t miss twice again. Saturday’s workout session was pretty good; doing presses while “tall kneeling” before finishing with a drill doing single-arm swings and cleans with a 24kg bell.

My daughter has been keen to go on a bike ride together. We thought it would be worth doing it “properly”, so on Sunday, we saddled up to bike a few miles down the canal. It was a faff getting the rails on the roof and the kids bikes in the other car. The ride was fun enough, but it was muddier than I expected, so my choice of taking my road hybrid wasn’t a great one. Though at least I didn’t get a puncture. Unfortunately, my son and wife both got them, only finding them at the furthest point from our starting point. Me and my daughter rode on ahead leaving them to walk/run/side-saddle them back, after which I got to fix them both… When we got home, we found out that my daughter had one too—the thorns that plagued the towpath were embedded in her front wheel also.

Best thing I’ve read

I read a few interesting and diverse articles this week, from bad things about Uber and Lyft to a life of a Yacht influencer. However, the best thing I read was an article from Ryan Holiday about creating better habits in 2019.

Books I’m reading

I am thoroughly enjoying A million miles in a thousand years by Donald Miller. I didn’t have high hopes for it, but it’s exceeding my expectations. It’s an excellent, easy read yet also thought-provoking, and subtly offering lots of advice through the story.

What did I learn this week?

Biking down a towpath with recently sheared hedges is a surefire way to end up with punctures.

A week in Stoicism

“Summum Bonum”. In Latin, it means the highest good. To Stoics, the highest good is virtue. If we act virtuously, then everything else that is important can follow.

Acting virtuously isn’t the easy path; it is the essential path. There will be many times when you are tested, and when you take the right track, you will often not be recognised or even appreciated.

Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter. Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honoured. Dying…or busy with other assignments. Marcus Aurelius


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