Weeknotes #4/19

2 minutes reading time

21 Jan - 27 Jan 2019

I failed dismally this week to fill all my activity rings on my watch. I’m in grave danger of falling out of my daily walking habit. Primarily due to being extremely busy at work. I’m going to try to for a full month of filling the rings in February.

Best thing I’ve read

I haven’t had time for reading much of substance this week but I did come across this article from James Clear about retaining more information from the books that you read.

Books I’m reading

I finished I hear you ready for our book club call next week and have been devoting more time to Seveneves.

What did I learn this week?

I have a real problem with open tabs in my browser. (That’s not what I learned this week—it’s a perennial problem I’ve faced for a long while) I’ve previously written notes where I save what I’ve read to Bear using a bookmarklet in Safari, but this doesn’t solve the issues when I’ve got tabs open in the search for a solution and then got pulled onto a different task. I end up leaving them open to come back to, and then it’s days or even weeks (ahem, and sometimes months) before I come back to them, if ever. Eventually I declare tab bankruptcy or use another Safari extension to quickly capture all the titles and urls of the open tabs in a window and save them to a note in Bear.

I came across a reference in the AE Dojo that reminded me that I could use the same x-callback scheme to send links to OmniFocus. Sending links to OF, straight into a project with a tag means I can use it’s built-in review system to regularly review them, and quickly group related links into a group for later access and hopefully stop the tab build-up.


Replace the project and context/tags with your own. And don’t forget to html encode any spaces (%20) or other characters.

A week in Stoicism

Last week the focus was on early morning routines, while this week focuses on the other end, the evening review.

But what does Socrates say? “Just as one person delights in improving his farm, and another his horse, so I delight in attending to my own improvement day by day” Epictetus


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