Weeknotes #13/19

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25 Mar - 31 Mar 2019

I’ve been feeling tired and a bit burnt out lately. I was aching at the beginning of the week so I opted to take it easy with my kettlebell workouts to recover more fully. It has been a busy week at work so in the end I didn’t work out during the week. Instead I did several yoga sessions as well as my usual walks.

It all paid off as I hit a perfect month on my Apple Watch, and at the last minute, I also hit the March Challenge goal of 1530 minutes of exercise during the month.

I published a post this week as I hit a 1000 days meditation streak reflecting on my meditation journey so far.

I also went to a fantastic LEGO show in Northampton. There were some excellent builds and I got to catch up and geek out with lots of people from my LUG.

Best thing I’ve read or watched

I found this video of Bryan Cranston interesting and quite inspiring as he talks about finding acting jobs and not being jealous of others actors skills. What he explains really well is a very Stoic principle that you can apply to your own situations.

Bryan Cranston on Auditions, Acting, Jealousy, and Working in Entertainment

Books I’m reading

I’ve begun reading another Nathan Heller book, Angel in Black by Max Allan Collins. I’ve read a few before, and I enjoy the clever mix of fiction with real historical figures.

I’ve almost finished Mastery. It’s been an interesting read, that has given me a few new insights.

What did I learn this week?

How to say sorry better. Someone told me about using the format of I’m sorry I ____ and ____. The format enables you to apologise specifically, and also ensures you show how you’re going to learn from it to try and prevent it from happening again. I’ve found it to be a very helpful aid to use with children.

A week in Stoicism

A true philosopher is a fighter not a fencer. A fencer has to put on armour and pick up a weapon. A fighter just has to close his fist. Marcus Aurelius

I like this metaphor for knowing your stuff. The idea that you need to live and breathe it so that it’s completely natural, that you don’t need to prepare for before you’re ready for action.


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