Weeknotes #4 - (Lack of) Sleep Edition

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12 Feb - 18 Feb 2018

The Miracle Morning has improved a bit, whilst it still feels like it’s trying to just fill out a bit more than several lengthy blog posts it’s got more actionable. However, I haven’t read as much of it as I’d planned - most of my reading time has been spent reading the second Fracture Worlds book Roar of the Storm. I’m really enjoying it - it’s hard to put down. It’s an engaging, expansive space opera but it has a lot of deeper meaning and provokes interesting thoughts.

Through plans and necessity I’ve ended up being on screens later than I’d like and drank alcohol and caffeine way too late in the day/evening. In each of these cases I’ve noticed that my sleep has been more interrupted and less restful in comparison to other days over the last few weeks now that I’m really trying to improve my evening routines and sleep. Whilst it’s not helpful in itself, it’s showing me that improving my rituals here is having a positive effect.

A week in Stoicism

Watch over your perceptions. This week reminds us that we’re constantly bombarded with information and our brains are wired to respond to them. We must be mindful that our default reactions are not always the right or best ones. We need to pay attention to what matters and learn to ignore many of the needless, provocations. Beware of short term pleasures - they could be longer term punishments.

“Keep constant guard over your perceptions, for it is no small thing you are protecting, but your respect, trustworthiness and steadfastness, peace of mind, freedom from pain and fear, in a word your freedom. For what would you sell these things?” Epictetus


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