Weeknotes #8 - Perspectives Edition

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12 Mar - 18 Mar 2018

The week didn’t get off to a great start. I wrote this at 3am Monday morning. Wide Awake. 👀. A pattern continued this week with disrupted nights of sleep and later evenings. It helped remind me that my morning and evening rituals are key to having better days.

Black Panther

I saw Black Panther on Tuesday after a meal at Frankie & Bennie’s - I do enjoy Marvel films and this was no exception. It was something a bit different from some of the others with a deeper message, helping us to look at the world and the people in it a bit differently.

Snow - again

It’s mid-March but apparently that’s still reason enough to snow in Britain. Of course it would coincide with a kettlebell workshop we went to on Sunday morning. It was pretty chilly but I did learn some more cues to help tweak and refine my swing technique.

Jekyll Tags

I finally got around to adding some tagging and categories to this blog in Jeyll along with a little plugin to show the rough reading time of an article. One little annoyance is that the tags seem to have to be single words only separated by spaces not commas. I created categories so that most articles will appear in the journal stream by default but I chose to keep these weekly notes out of the front page latest list because I think people would prefer to see my main articles most of the time than these notes.

A week in Stoicism

Flip your perceptions on their heads. Instead of the normal way we give ourselves leeway when we do or say something silly but treat others more harshly. Judge your own opinions or mistrust your first reactions harshly and approach others with more sympathy.

”Whenever someone has done wrong by you, immediately consider what notion of good or evil they had in doing it. For when you see that, you’ll feel compassion, instead of astonishment or rage. For you may yourself have the same notions of good or evil, or similar ones, in which case you’ll make an allowance for what they’ve done. But if you no longer hold the same notions, you’ll be more readily gracious for their error.” Marcus Aurelius


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