Weeknotes #28 - No Complaints Edition

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30 Jul - 5 Aug 2018

It’s been a seriously busy week at work with a new project kicking off. And just like the proverbial buses, that of course means that existing clients suddenly want lots of work doing, along with some more new leads. As a result it’s left me little time for much else beyond some Scouting duties; preparing our autumn programme and identifying tents for a camp in September.

I got an unexpected mention in this weeks Asian Efficiency newsletter after a discussion I was involved with in their Slack channel. As a member of their dojo we can listen live as they record their podcast and contribute via a special slack channel.

Although I could have done with doing some more work, I’ve learnt the value in rest and rejuvenation. So Saturday, we took a trip to Milton Keynes to go to the LEGO store and pick up some bricks and some new sets and meet up with some fellow AFOLs from Brick Central. I just couldn’t resist the new Voltron set. The rest of the family tagged along, and found plenty of other shops to melt the credit cards with too.

We’d decided we’d make the most of the trip and then spent the afternoon visiting the National Trust property at Stowe. It was a fantastic day, weather-wise so we just had a slow saunter round for a few hours before heading home and on to my parents house for an impromptu outdoor pizza “party”.

A week in Stoicism

This week we were encouraged to stop blaming others and complaining. I thought I was fairly reasonable, but paying particular attention to it made me realise I was often unaware that I was really complaining under the guise of something else. It was definitely a harder exercise than I thought and I certainly failed on several occasions. Sometimes I didn’t even notice I’d done it until I reviewed my day in my journal.

”For nothing outside my reasoned choice can hinder or harm it—my reasoned choice alone can do this to itself. If we would lean this way whenever we fail, and would blame only ourselves and remember that nothing but opinion is the cause of a troubled mind and uneasiness, then by God, I swear we would be making progress.“ Epictetus


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