Weeknotes #38 - Mastermind edition

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08 Oct - 14 Oct 2018

This week, I was away in a lovely house in East Sussex with several other business owners for our annual mastermind retreat. It was a pretty intense few days, but very worthwhile. I’ve written a bit more about it here.

Aside from that, I helped my Dad take down his old carport roof. The high winds made it a little more challenging. Combined with the heavy pressing kettlebell session in the morning, as I write this I am aching, although in a good way.

Reading Progress

I’m about 25% of the way through Daring Greatly. The first 20%, I was unsure what to make of the book but the premise is now beginning to make more sense to me.

A week in Stoicism

Practice love. We are all part of a larger whole. Treat others like you treat yourself. Every time you encounter another human being you have an opportunity for kindness.

”Hecato says, ‘I can teach you a love potion made without any drugs, herbs, or special spell—if you would be loved, love.’” Seneca


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