Weeknotes #43 - LEGO edition

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12 Nov - 18 Nov 2018

I had another productive week at work. Most of my time outside of work was spent building LEGO ready for display at Bristol Brick Show. A few of us in our LUG decided we’d put together some Micropolis builds. It’s a simple baseplate format that allows lots of people to collaborate easily on a build. If everyone follows the standard, then they will all fit together effortlessly to make a large scale display. In the end, four of us built around 30 bases to have the start of a city.

I really enjoyed the day at the show. It was lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to building lots more of these micro-scale buildings. There’s something quite addictive about it.

Reading Progress

I’m making good progress with Atomic Habits. It’s an interesting read and has some helpful tactics to help make or break habits while fleshing out the overall bigger picture of how to make the best use of daily habits to improve yourself. I haven’t come across anything truly groundbreaking, but it’s well structured and is building up a coherent strategy on habits.

I have paused Living Forward briefly until I schedule a day to follow through and write out my life plan. The later chapters are supposedly more helpful after having done it.

I’m about halfway through Gravity, by Tess Gerritson. I’m loving it and finding it hard to put down. It’s well written and has an exciting plot. Even though the blurb suggests what the end is, you can’t help but to want to keep reading.

A week in Stoicism

This week marks the year anniversary of my using the Daily Stoic Journal.

This week we’re reminded to stop judging others and worry only about ourselves. Don’t use philosophy to berate others or tell them they’re wrong. Focus inward and improve yourself; let others improve themselves. We have plenty to fix in ourselves before we can profess to correct others.

Some people with exceptional minds quickly grasp virtue or produce it within themselves. But other dim and lazy types, hindered by bad habits, must have their rusty souls constantly scrubbed down…The weaker sorts will be helped and lifted from their bad opinions if we put them in the care of philosophy’s principles. Seneca


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