Weeknotes #1 - Finding my feet

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22 - 28 Jan 2018

So I decided to take a leaf from Rachel Andrew and start publishing my weeknotes. Like Rachel said in her inaugural post I too have a tendency to do something and move on. I’m trying to be more reflective and absorb more of the things I take in. Part of that is making more copious notes and through re-writing and reflection retain more of the useful, actionable things.

I spent the weekend looking for new cars as my lease expires at the end of February. This put me behind in everything.

Adwords and analytics

I don’t mind admitting that I find Google’s interfaces overwhelming and more than a little confused at their Adwords programme. I really need to learn much more about it - the whole process is so opaque with so many terms I really have little clue about. Honestly, I don’t have much interest - I just want to create some good adverts to cover the keywords I know about and be charged a fair price that I’m happy to pay if it’s bringing the right kinds of leads to my business. The cynic in me says that this complexity is there on purpose to generate a whole cottage industry around the Google eco-system and to enable Google to make even more money from those of us who just want a simple system to set and forget.

A week in Stoicism

My focus in Stoicism this week has centred on rituals and routines, timely enough as I also published an article on my new evening routines. This is the week that I’ve got it “finalised” and putting it into action. It coincides with a new bed being installed and now it’s bedding in — sorry couldn’t resist the pun. I’m hopeful that I’ll stop waking up at 4am quite so much now.

“I will keep constant watch over myself and — most usefully — will put each day up for review. For this is what makes us evil—that none of us looks back upon our own lives. We reflect upon only that which we are about to do. And yet our plans for the future descend from the past.” Seneca


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