Weeknotes #39 - family edition

2 minutes reading time

15 Oct - 21 Oct 2018

I’ve been fired up after my retreat. This week has been putting building blocks in place. I’ve been working hard, so I’ve had little time for anything else. Added to the fact that we’re in the final weeks of our downstairs renovations, so we have few places to sit comfortably. It’s more conducive to continue working and press on.

It was my Dad’s birthday at the weekend, and my brother came down with his children to celebrate. We all went out for breakfast and spent the day together. Our children and their cousins loved playing together. It was a lovely sight to see, and I think it made my Dad’s day. It was a good reminder that often the best things in life are free.

Reading Progress

I’m almost finished with Daring Greatly. While reading it this last week, I had a few holy shit moments. As I scribbled down quickly,  I feel like I’ve had my eyes closed this whole time and now they’re open a tiny bit, but everything’s blurry like you’ve been crying hard. But I can also see that there’s a world of vibrant, HD colour and texture out there. I think it’s a book that I need to return to again and again as I continue to try to become more Wholehearted.

A week in Stoicism

Is honesty your actual policy. We’re reminded that if we start a sentence with, I’m going to be honest with you here, you’re implicitly saying that you’re not always honest.

”How rotten and fraudulent when people say they intend to give it to you straight. What are you up to, dear friend? It shouldn’t need your announcement, but be readily seen, as if written on your forehead, heard in the ring of your voice, a flash in your eyes—just as the beloved sees it all in the lover’s glance. In short, the straightforward and good person should be like a smelly goat—you know when they’re in the room with you. A calculated ‘giving it to you straight’ is like a dagger. There’s nothing worse than a wolf befriending sheep. Avoid false friendships at all costs. IF you are good, straightforward and well-meaning it should show in your eyes and not escape notice.” Marcus Aurelius


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