Weeknotes #30 - Build edition

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13 Aug - 19 Aug 2018

What a week! It’s been very productive in some ways, but it feels like I’ve been just keeping all the plates spinning. I’ve been trying to re-stabilise my daily routines this week. I’d been ending up getting to bed and then sleep later, waking (or being woken) in the night that’s then led to me waking and getting up later. I’ve then been shortening or skipping parts of my morning routine, and so on. I’ve made some extra efforts to get the evening routine back on track to help get the mornings back.

In the little time I’ve had available I’ve started to build my new Voltron LEGO set and finished a 2x4 Lego brick build challenge just in time for our bi-monthly Lego User Group meet on Saturday. It was a fun few hours meeting fellow AFOLs to chat about our favourite interlocking bricks. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the challenge. There’s always next time.

Reading Progress

I’ve been reading quite a bit the last week or so. I finished When and started Profit First. I found When a quite enjoyable read. I don’t think I learned a huge amount of new information but there were certainly a few interesting insights and helped label a few things I was maybe vaguely aware of but hadn’t really crystallised.

Profit first is looking to be another easy, but quite compelling read. I sat there nodding my head through the first chapter and it promises some heady claims which do appeal. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole system, although I do have several big questions I’m looking to get answered. I’m also keen to try it out on my own business.

I’ve also started Atlantis Found. I’ve accidentally become quite partial to Clive Cussler adventure books so when I found this meaty looking tome at a National Trust bookshop recently I couldn’t help but pick it up and skip it to the head of the fiction queue.

Alongside all these, I’ve also been reading Amy Hoy’s Just F**King Ship ebook as I begin my first little side-hustle project.

A week in Stoicism

With the busy week, this weeks focus was rather timely in helping me manage to stay productive and get the most important stuff done.

We should always be asking: Is this one of the necessary things?

Apply it to everything, not just the things we do, but the words that we’re about to spout and the opinions and judgements we let bound around our brain. Cut them out to be more tranquil and true toward our purpose.

”It’s said that if you would have peace of mind, busy yourself with little. But wouldn’t a better saying be do what you must and as required of a rational being created for public life? For this brings not only the peace of mind of doing few things, but the greater peace of doing them well. Since the vast majority of our words and actions are unnecessary, corralling them will create an abundance of leisure and tranquility. As a result, we shouldn’t forget at each moment to ask, is this one of the unnecessary things? But we corral not only unnecessary actions but unnecessary thoughts, too, so needless acts don’t tag along after them.“ Marcus Aurelius


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