A dubious first!

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Well apparently I can claim a first - for being spammed through ma.gnolia! Yes, apparently nowhere is safe from spam now.

Today I received a message within ma.gnolia (the really nice bookmarking website, for those of you who don’t know) from member donco. I’ve posted a screenshot of the message for posterity. Magnolia Spam

An a related note, I’m in the closing stages of putting together a widget for Mac OS X Tiger to quickly search just your own ma.gnolia bookmarks. When it’s done I’ll put it on my website for download and maybe see if I can get it listed on ma.gnolia itself. Speaking of websites, I’m also just getting my actual site up (www.elaptics.co.uk) if you want to see it in it’s current part-finished state. And that’s my rubbish excuse for not keeping this blog up to date!

Got any questions or comments? Drop me a message on Twitter (@elaptics).