30DWC Day One

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My blog seems to mostly be a series of starts which very quickly tail off. This is my attempt to change that, once and for all.

I enjoy the idea of writing but when you’re faced with a blank page I’ve found it hard to start. When I finally do, all these thoughts come tumbling out and then it turns into a huge thing which I’m continually tweaking so it never gets finished and never gets published.

So when Marc announced his 30 day Writing Challenge I jumped at it. I hope that having some external motivation will provide the push I need to make writing a habit.

I’ve learnt from experience that I shouldn’t try to do too much at once. Early mornings are the only quiet time I have for myself and I need to maintain my exercise régime so I’m scheduling an hour every other day for my writing time.

This is my commitment; for the month of April I’m going to publish at least one post per week. On what subject? I have no idea. My head is just full of partially-formed thoughts on all sorts of topics. Maybe I’ll use this month to get some of them out into the world.

Got any questions or comments? Drop me a message on Twitter (@elaptics).