Weeknotes #12 - Holiday Edition

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9 Apr - 15 Apr 2018

Another short working week with it still being half-term. I had a couple of days off mid-week to spend some time with my family. We revisited a couple of places that we have annual passes for. First we went back to Leicester to the National Space Centre. Then the following day we returned to the Black Country Living Museum. They’re both good days out and we still didn’t get around to see everything that we didn’t see last time so I’m sure we’ll plan to go back another time or two before our year is up.

Nerina Pallot

The week started out on a high note as my wife and I bundled the kids off to their grandparents. We spent the evening in Birmingham enjoying an Italian at Milano in the Arcadian before heading to the Glee Club to see Nerina Pallot for the fourth time.

Another kettlebell PB

I hit another personal best this week in my training – I was able to do several sets of swings with a 40kg kettlebell. There’s still quite a way to go but I’m more confident that if I double-down I will still hit the “Simple” goal from Simple and Sinister by my 40th birthday.

A week in Stoicism

I have been a little bit lax this week with my morning routine though I have tried to maintain my journaling activities as much as possible. Our topic for this week was testing your impressions.

These three quotes from Epictetus really sum it up well and put the concept into words better than I:

”When it comes to money, where we feel our clear interest, we have an entire art where the tester uses many means to discover the worth… just as we give great attention to judging things that might steer us badly. But when it comes to our own ruling principle, we yawn and doze off, accepting any appearance that flashes by without counting the cost.”

”First off, don’t let the force of the impression carry you away. Say to it, ‘hold up a bit and let me see who you are and where you are from— let me put you to the test’…”

”From the very beginning, make it your practice to say to every harsh impression, ‘you are an impression and not at all what you appear to be.’ Next, examine and test it by the rules you possess, the first and greatest of which is this—whether it belongs to the things in our control or not in our control, and if the latter, be prepared to respond, ‘It is nothing to me.’”



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